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Surf Capital of Canada

Canada has the longest coastline in the world and there’s no place better to learn to surf, or to hone your skills, than the surf capital of Canada. The Pacific Rim region offers a consistent water temperature and miles and miles of surfable beach break, leaving lots of room for beginners to experts all year round.

Krissy Montgomery is #CoastSmart:

“Over the years, I’ve seen people make some bad decisions like entering the water unprepared, without wearing proper equipment.”

Top Picks for Surfing

The ocean is an ever changing environment. For today’s conditions and recommended surf beaches, contact a local surf shop.

Surf Tips

  • Wear a wetsuit, neoprene boots, hoods + gloves.
  • Use a leash.
  • Take a lesson.
  • Practice good surf etiquette.
  • Learn about rip currents.
  • Stay within your ability. If in doubt, don’t go out.